Dancing on Snowflakes

Published by Hodder and St Martin’s Press, 1993

Chaperoned at every turn in her Dublin home, Katy O'Barry (aka Katarina Oberg) is sent by her exasperated parents to her uncle in Sweden – safely (they believe) beyond the reach of an unsuitable young man. But, prompted by the wife of the ship’s captain on her way there, she lands in Stockholm determined to strike out on her own

  • Our book of the week — Liverpool Echo (who intially reviewed it under the title Innocents Abroad so this was probably their way of saying sorry)
  • Her story is told with great charm, and the setting in Sweden is beautifully described — Western Morning News
  • Macdonald’s style resembles a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta with sardonic twists; his fans will love this romp and most libraries will want to purchase — U.S. Library Journal
  • Large scale romances are usually the domain of female writers but Malcolm Macdonald is a notable exception to the rule. He had runaway success with his first novel, The World from Rough Stones and here he keeps up the quality of his work — Evening Telegraph
  • There is some charm in Macdonald’s careful descriptions and in the aimlessness of the plot – many scenes consist of almost random, though always entertaining, gossip — but the charm runs out when he tacks on a forced ending ... that works against what the novel sets out to do: affirm Katya’s independence from her parents and her sharpened insights about the men who pursue her — Publishers Weekly
  • He is every bit as bad as Dickens — Martin Seymour-Smith
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