Published by Hodder and St Martin’s Press, 1987

Catherine Hamilton's story begins in 1918 when she runs away from Scotland to the Canadian prairie. It follows her rich and varied life through the roaring ’20s and World War II – 41 years of a tempestuous marriage and vast social upheaval.

  • Macdonald is adept at handling large and unwieldy casts spanning eras and changing times and manners ... great natural and varied backgrounds, well-detailed history, nostalgic local color ... engrossing – Chicago Sun Times
  • Macdonald is a master of the refined kind of soap that doesn't force one to hide his opus, out of shame, in a plain brown wrapper. Goldeneye is No 1 nirvana – Boston Globe
  • A family saga of the first rank – Chattanooga Times
  • A broad canvas, garish at times, but redolent with real life – Aberdeen Press & Journal
  • Though but once did it make me cry, my tears fell hard upon that woeful page in this sentimental saga. So sad a scene it was yet so soon forgotten – Barry Dickie, Toronto Globe & Mail
  • A swooping saga, filled with peaks and troughs, but most memorable in the evocation of immigrant life in Western Canada – Publishers Weekly
  • Although there are some dead spaces in this lengthy novel, for the most part it travels fast and true – and that snowstorm [scene] is a zinger – Kirkus
  • He is every bit as bad as Dickens — Martin Seymour-Smith
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