His Father’s Son

Published by Hodder, 1989

When Patrick and Martha Davy adopt an illegitimate baby boy from the big house, everyone is sure he was fathered by the Prince of Wales on a visit to the Cotswolds in 1913. And Fitzie, as they nickname him, grows up under the same illusion. In fact, Patrick himself is the father – and he finds himself in lifelong competition with his son’s illusion, spurring himself to ever-greater efforts to prove he is a better father than Edward Albert Christian George etc ever could be.

  • Macdonald is the master of the sweeping, intergenerational love story — Publishers Weekly
  • Joy, heartache, passion, and exuberance all combine to produce a most pleasurable read — Dundee Courier
  • There are plenty of warm, comforting moments for the boredom-immune reader turning pages of an essentially gentle tale ... Anglophilic ambling with low-key chat and companionable people — Kirkus
  • Macdonald has put together a tale of heredity and influence that teases us all to think about what moulds and shapes the character of each and every one of us in life — Kerry's Eye, Dublin
  • Macdonald can always be relied upon to produce a novel with a theme a little diferent from the normal run of romantic fiction; strongly and realistically characterized so that the plot flows easily and naturally — Western Mail
  • The usual powerful story from Mr Macdonald's talented pen — Yorkshire Evening Post
  • He is every bit as bad as Dickens — Martin Seymour-Smith
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