In Love and War
U.S. title: For They Shall Inherit

Published by Hodder and St Martin’s Press, 1984

Rich and charming Clive, poor but energetic Freddy, and Ann, a buxom, weak-willed chambermaid form the triangle of this tale, which moves from England to South Africa, Venezuela, Vienna, Turkey, and the Caribbean as early indiscretions reverberate throughout their lives.

  • Macdonald has a grasp of Victorian life from the smallest drawing room niceties to the mechanism of empire-building, so that his period sense is convincing without ever being heavy-handed – Eastern Daily Press
  • Macdonald is a good storyteller and the plot moves along at a fine pace, but why must all his characters be so damned nice! – Bradford Telegraph & Argus
  • Even though there are dozens of books like this, the excellent writing and use of detail make the book a standout – Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • Macdonald orchestrates his wildly disparate themes and settings with consummate control. His characters, all convincingly drawn, harbor a simplified model of proper behavior that has a fascinating way of shattering during crises to reveal dangerous, hidden personae. The heroes’ familiar narcotic of imminent and violent death may fade as they and their adventures mature, but our addiction to Macdonald’s spellbinding narrative assuredly does not – Washington Post Book World
  • A truly unique novel. A long, deep look into the soul of a world gone by – syndicated review
  • Delderfield it’s not – Denver Rocky Mountain News
  • He is very much the heir to the Delderfield kingdom – Athens Observer
  • Skilled old-fashioned storytellers who write about human emotions are rare these days. Macdonald gives us characters we care about in real-life situations. It may be [his] Dickensian inheritance – Columba, Mid-West Review of Books
  • He is every bit as bad as Dickens — Martin Seymour-Smith
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